Blockmarket adoption - any partnerships/investors on the horizon?

self.SysCoin5y ago
Hi guys, Just a question on top of my head, the release of the blockmarket is a pretty big deal and revolutionary if you ask me. Again someone (me) who is mentioning the fact that SYS is undervalued and is striked by the fact that it turned out (price wize) as a buy the rumour, sell the news. However, I do think the future of syscoin is looking bright. Of course for the blockmarket to be successful it needs adoption. The software version might also be a barrier for adoption, but as we all know in December the webversion is launched. However, the most important part would be partnerships and investors. I have thus far not heard much (besides the Microsoft Azure collaboration) here. Does anyone know if syscoin has some partnerships lined up or some potential (big) investors? Any thoughts from your end on the prospects for mass adoption? n.b.: this topic is meant to share some thoughts and create some discussion