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Why SNX?

Curious to know the bull case for SNX. I’m invested in it myself, but recently starting to have doubts in the growth potential vs other projects that are doing the same thing plus more. Example are Injective, Rune, Sparta. As far as I can tell SNX is only doing Synthetic assets. And while they seem to have the most Synths available for trade by far, they are probably the most expensive to do so on the ETH network. They also don’t seem to be expanding into other fields like lending/borrowing. Would really like to hear your bull thesis for SNX vs other projects. Is it going to be on a later 2 solution soon and cheaper to use? Are they expanding into other markets? How is it going to stay competitive vs something like INJ, RUNE, SPARTA that seem to be offering everything SNX is plus much more (although in earlier stages)
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