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We've just launched, a new site displaying all the live Synthetix Improvement Proposals (SIPs)

We recently began an initiative a la Ethereum EIPS, introducing Synthetix Improvement Proposals (SIPs) to formalise community governance of the change process for updates to the Synthetix system. The SIP process and the SIP website provides oversight and information about all proposed changes to the Synthetix system, enabling engagement and debate within the community.

We're excited to announce the launch of a new site at that displays all of the current SIPs and SCCPs, sorting them by status. We're also proud to say the website was built through a bounty on Gitcoin. This was our first Gitcoin bounty and the process was exceptionally easy, allowing us to implement this functionality without diverting internal resources from more critical work. We have several other bounties live on Gitcoin and will continue to run bounties in the future, so stay tuned for more ways to contribute.

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