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We're extending the $sETH liquidity incentive trial on @UniswapExchange for another week!

For the last four weeks we’ve trialled a new incentive scheme in which people are rewarded with SNX for providing sETH liquidity on Uniswap. There’s been an excellent response to this trial, with over 3000 ETH/sETH added to the pool.

We’ve decided to run the manual incentive trial for an additional week to provide more time for the community to discuss adding this incentive to the protocol, subject to our governance process. The same rules apply as before, so if you add liquidity before the snapshot in about six hours and leave it in there for the next two snapshots, you’ll receive two weeks’ worth of SNX rewards.

The SIP to formalise this incentive at the protocol level can be found here.

If you’ve got any questions about how it works, come join us in Discord!

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