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**$0.488061** USD 0.00005833 BTC 0.00266755 ETH ​ Ranking: #86 (CoinGecko) #67 (Coinmarketcap) 24hr CEX volume of SNX: $ 103,938 ​ Supply on orderbook exchanges: 2,562,027 SNX (1.81%) Locked SNX Ratio: 82.03% ​ [sETH Uniswap pool]( = 11,980 ETH + 11,931 sETH Synth supply: $ 7,777,221.13 ​ sX 24h Trading Volume: $15,035,861 sX Cummulative Trading Volume: $348,616,261 Total Fees Generated for Minters: $1,401,055 ​ **Recent Discord Discussions** \- DEFI basket voting and discussion \- smoothening of current inflation schedule + tail end emissions (see [SIP]( draft) \- mintr v2 alpha bug squashing ​ **Upcoming milestones** \- Mintr v2 \- more Community SIPs approval and integration ​ **Author's Notes:** I've been busy, but WOW it has been a really good month for the whole Synthetix project. If you want to see just how much we've progress, [look back at the previous posting]( and you can see that all our metrics have improved considerably! If you go back even further, the improvements are more amazing on hindsight! The Sirius Release might seem underwhelming, but it sets up the stage for the project so that they can push things out much smoother (SIP 16). Also important is the change from Bytes4 to Bytes32 (SIP 17), which means that previously restricted tickers can now be added. Did you know that a ticker like sAAPL would be too long without this change? SIP 18 and 19 helped to tie up loose ends. sETH pool is now THE LARGEST uniswap pool, at almost \~12,000+ ETH deep! The sETH uniswap pool has now overtaken the MKR, DAI, WETH and WBTC markets! The new Mintr v2 alpha has been released and it looks good! Please have a look and drop comments in the #mintr channel on disco...
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