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Roadmap 2021

Synthetix 2021, it feels more like the title for a 80’s sci-fi movie than a roadmap post, I guess it kind of is. Imagine a future where everyone in the world is connected to one another by handheld devices that allow them to hold, trade and transfer every imaginable asset. This week science fiction becomes reality. The launch of Optimistic Ethereum will finally enable Synthetix to fulfil its mission of reinventing how people exchange value.

Before detailing everything planned this year I should address a question a few people are probably asking right now, who the fuck are you to tell me what the roadmap of Synthetix is in 2021? This is a great question! The simple answer is that historically it has been my role, and while I no longer have authority to dictate what happens, no one has told me not to do it this year so I figured why not? A better answer is that, while I‘m not a core contributor, since the synthetixDAO does not pay me a grant, I do have access to all of the core contributors as well as other key community members. I have used this access to collect the many priorities and distilled them into a coherent narrative reflecting what the community wants to achieve this year, at least for now. Like every year it will shift as new information is obtained. This is very much my personal perspective on what Synthetix 2021 might look like, it should be read as such. Unfortunately for all the authoritarians out there, I no longer have any direct power to implement anything described in this post, other than by advocating for these priorities in community forums. Consider this then the opening salvo in that campaign!

Now let’s dive into what I think needs to happen this year. I will run through a high level overview first and then expand on the many components of Synthetix V3 later in the post. To compile this list I reviewed feedback and discussions across many channels including, Discord, Telegra...

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