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Privacy and yield opportunities for SNX

Hello SNX community, We recently enabled [transactional privacy for SNX using Secret Network]( Today, I’m writing about an opportunity to earn yield with your SNX. Secret Network community is starting bridge mining program starting Tuesday January 12 for 6 weeks, during which 250K SCRT will be distributed to bridge depositors. The more value locked on Secret Network - Ethereum bridge, the better anonymity for its users. ERC20 pools with more than $100K TVL will be eligible for SCRT bridge rewards. What can you do with the bridge now? ​ * Transactional privacy for SNX: [*Send SNX privately*]( *on the Secret Network* * [Decentralized OTC](*: Participate in a private auction to buy / sell large amounts of supported assets anonymously* (GUI under-development). *We are also looking into integrating Chainlink price oracles for automated price updates that will improve the OTC product* * SecretAMM: Front-running resistant AMM on Secret Network, expected to launch in February 2021. You can check out the Secret Network - Ethereum Bridge [here]( and create secretSNX with your SNX today. On January 12, you will be able to mine for secretSCRT with your secretSNX. For support, check out \`bridge-support\` channel on the [Secret Network discord]( We'd be excited to help you get started! :)
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