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I Need Help!!! Click Bait: Synthetix’s valuation at $242 billion, or $2,192 per token

My newsletter suggested to target a C-ratio of 600 on L2; what C-ratio do you all like? I was planning to set my weekly alarm for Tuesday evening to collect and remint. What is the best day to collect rewards & mint? When I collect weekly rewards does that compound instantly or does it sit there for a year before you can re-invest it? If I add more SNX to L2 do I have to pay ETH gas again? Do I have to pay gas to withdraw once SNX moons? And for the hype, yes below is their actual estimate, not a Joke! I'm stoked to be able to collect interest while I wait! Conservatively, we think Synthetix could come to command a premium five times higher than traditional exchanges. If so, that would put Synthetix’s valuation at $242 billion, or $2,192 per token.
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