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WildSpark Creator Program update: 80% enrollment, 1.1 million subscribers, 5 days left to sign up

One week into the Creator Program and 80% of AMPs have already been claimed!


The creators who have registered to the Creator Program have a combined YouTube subscriber base of more than 1,100,000 – all of whom will soon be invited to become part of WildSpark, able to support their favorite artists as well as enjoy the fruits of their successful content distribution efforts.


With 5 days left, now’s the final chance to become an early WildSpark adopter and start monetizing your creations online — as well as receive a nice bounty.


Registration is open until February 11 or until we reach the bounty goal of $500,000; sign up here.


Synereo’s goal from the very first days was exposing the exploitative business models now prevalent in the online world and presenting Internet users with a fair alternative. The Creator Program, starting with the launch on February 13, is the first major step in a long road towards materializing that vision.


Following the release scheduled for next week, WildSpark will become a fully functional web-app; its growing community will then be part of a social network where creators of various content styles can share their works, discuss progress, and receive feedback — all while monetizing their creations in a direct fashion.


Synereo’s labor of love is steadily progressing, shaping and casting our vision into a solid reality, where all participants may gain the fair share of what their efforts are worth. The Liberated Attention Economy, based on actual value, thrives even at times as turbulent as the present.  


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team  


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