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Synereo’s VP Product Talks WildSpark & Shares AMP Earning Insights

Avi Lior, Synereo’s VP Product, recently appeared on the CryptoKnights podcast, a show that focuses on the trending world of cryptocurrencies, in an episode titled Make Money With Your Youtube Content…Finally!

This introduction to Synereo covers the latest stats about the WildSpark platform and touches upon a variety of topics, including the state of the Attention Economy space, the AMP currency and Synereo’s impending “Product X”.

Below are some of the key excerpts from the podcast. Click here to listen to the full episode.

CryptoKnights: Can you tell us about Synereo itself? Avi Lior: Synereo is trying to offer fair distribution of wealth according to the actual value each participant provides in the process, whether it’s the creator, the consumer, or the curator. To achieve this we needed to create an independent circulation of our cryptocurrency [AMP] on top of the existing content hubs.

CryptoKnights: Can you share some statistics? Avi Lior: After a number of successful marketing initiatives such as referral programs and a creator bounty program, WildSpark has over 400,000 registered users, and 250,000 active users…

CryptoKnights: What about the content user? The person who views the YouTube video? How does their life change with Synereo? Avi Lior: When you see something and you enjoy it, one way to show your appreciation is like everywhere on the internet – share it with your friends. But there is another way, which is the Synereo way, which is actually giving AMPs [directly] to the creator.

CryptoKnights: What is coming up in the next one or two years? How is Synereo planning to grow? Avi Lior: Every day we’re paying approximately $15,000 to creators. So, one thing that we’re about to do in the upcoming future is to continue developing WildSpark.

In addition, we’re building another product. Product X [code name] is a further realization of the Attention Economy principles that Synereo...

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