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Synereo Allocates $500,000 Worth of AMP for New Creators - Tell Your Friends!

WildSpark empowers content creators by putting all control in their hands and allowing them to monetize their work free of middle-men and obnoxious fees.


Just two weeks ahead of the upcoming mainstream release, Synereo is inviting early adopters to take advantage of a Blockchain-enabled platform that allows the seamless transfer of money from appreciating audiences directly to creators. Synereo welcomes YouTube creators to add WildSpark to their monetization strategy, and encourages their subscribers to join the decentralization revolution and get rewarded for sharing content others appreciate.


Creators who join the Creator Program will be given a generous AMP reward, based on the amount of subscribers they have and their social media footprint.


See below for the full details. And don’t forget to send the pamphlet to your creator friends!



As WildSpark continues to evolve, creators will have more and more ways to monetize and distribute their works based on novel blockchain technologies and the economic incentives designed by Synereo.


Creators, sign up today!


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team

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