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Thoughts on Swissborg changing everyone’s community rewards to 115 CHSB no matter how much you already have in the app?

Personally I think the decision showcases the greed and lack of care for the “community”. It’s clear that they planned this all along, they could have easily paid out the CHSB tokens last year, but they wanted the price to increase as an excuse to adjust the rewards. At the end of the day they were just using this app as marketing to increase the value of their coin and I don’t think they really care what people think about it. I only earned 250 CHSB so it’s not too bad for me, but I certainly feel bad for people that have been told they would get 1750 CHSB, wait 3 years and then only get given 115 CHSB. What do you guys think? + Making the BTC rewards equivalent to the price at the time of starting the challenge is also very shady from them. How can you say your giving out a specific amount in dollars in Bitcoin but then change it to giving significantly less, just because the price has risen. [View Poll](
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