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SwissBorg is NOT a scam - please stop using the change in rules for the community app as a reason to post aggressively negative comments. For some, the new rules are actually positive. And in the bigger picture, they will support all the CHSB holders.

I am not trying to stop anyone from having their own opinion and I am not trying to convince you that the change of rules of the community app should be good news for you personal. I would just ask anybody to keep the discussion clean and factual. Yes, the change of rules might mean for some people that they will get less CHSB than expected. But on the other hand you will receive a massive discount on the premium plans, with even greater value than the 1.750 or 250 CHSB that have been announced before. And to say an entire company is scam or "will run away" with your money because they modify their airdrop roles to create a solution that will support the ecosystem makes no sense. Thats the opposite of scam. They make an unpopular decision to protect the longterm users. So again, have your own opinion, but please try to be mindful and take SwissBorgs point of view for a second. Alright, have a good day.
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