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Nothing showing on any page of the SwissBorg app..

Hi guys, I am having issues with my SwissBorg app where every page I go to nothing loads. I just get a box that comes up saying “Oops! Something went wrong. Please retry.” When I go to the support tab it’s says “unable to connect” with a “retry” button but nothing happens when I press it. I can log in fine and my name is displayed at the top of the user page area. Hours prior to this I had to restore my iPhone to a backup as I had performed an update in iTunes that failed for some reason, however I had used the app a few times after this with no problems. I don’t know if this could be something to do with it? It’s been about 16 hours since this happened and I have had nothing other than automated replies from SwissBorg so far.. Any help would be much appreciated!
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