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Insurance/Safety of funds Query?

I've been looking about the website and social media of Swiss Swissborg and nowhere can I find any information on how safe any of my funds would be if I were to allocate any to the service! The only information I have come across points towards the fact that if you were to place anything with them that there is no guarantee that funds are safe and the company themselves have nothing in place to insure any customers. Worst info I came across is people stating that it could be one of the greatest pyramid schemes on the go right now! Don't get me wrong though. I like the concept and apparent aim of Swissborg but with the fact they are asking in excess of 30,000GBP to be a premium member I would like to think they'd have a bit more protection in place for investors or even just more information on their apps/site about such things! Or if there is make it more accessible and easy to find either way! If anyone can help point me towards any such information would be much appreciated 👍
Go to self.swissborg
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