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System Architecture Newsflash by @kingflurkel

System Architecture Newsflash Getting a product market fit and ready for adoption is now vital for our project’s future. As such, speed of development and user experience have been prioritized.

Edited by Matthew Carano

From the community and how it is organized (or self-organized) to the way our dev team works — some parts are still centralized, or at least have the risk of becoming centralized. The path to full decentralization is the one we are creating ourselves.

Creating a blockchain based app that’s fast and responsive as a bee is hard. That’s why the Swarm City architecture consists of several layers that interoperate, to create an experience that enables a decentralized peer to peer sharing economy.

The protocol is the most important part; making sure layers can communicate by speaking the same language using the same grammatical rules. These layers are isolated so they can be changed without disabling the app.

One of these layers enables the communication between devices, the blockchain, and IPFS. Before data is stored on IPFS or the Ethereum blockchain, it needs to be available on every user’s device so it can interact with it. In the current live version, this part is played by Whisper. With the development and release of Boardwalk (June 2017) the dev team reached and pushed the limits of what you can use Whisper for today.

To create an awesome user experience, Boardwalk 2.0 will use Firebase to enable the communication layer. In the meantime our dev and lab teams keep working on optimizing the Whisper solution, and when ready, will swap out the components on this layer.

Firebase knows what’s going to be on IPFS before it’s there. But it needs to have the hash later on, so everyone can verify what is true.

IPFS stores all data — Firebase caches

There is a unique IPFS bridge constructed within Firebase, and its function is to listen to changes made to the Firebase database and storage. This bridge is...

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