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Swarm City Dev Update October 20, 2017

Swarm City Dev Update October 20, 2017 Boardwalk V2 Consensus

Recently the entire dev team convened in Switzerland to attend several crypto meetups, as well as to work together in person. It’s important to bring everyone to the same location at regular intervals, because it allows for extended and immersive sessions that lead to consensus.

What Swarm City is building has never been done before, so often the path forward has many acceptable options, and deciding which option is most prudent impacts the project forever. Because of that, it’s normal to question each decision, and see the merits of opposing solutions, with only a nominal difference in benefit between them. This can lead to indecision, and it’s easier for teams divided by time zones to remain undecided. When teams come together in physical proximity, it takes less effort to bond around the philosophical foundation of a project, and choose the paths that best support the project vision. This is what happened in Switzerland.

Foundational Efforts

There are great expectations surrounding the Release of Boardwalk V2, and for good reason. V1, while a monumental step forward that proves decentralized commerce works using the combination of blockchain technology and smart contracts, it’s admittedly clunky. From a dev standpoint, V1 is a huge victory because it’s a completely unique technology, one that required a tremendous amount of creativity and problem solving to make. It has flaws though. From a user standpoint, it’s missing some key capabilities, like deal cancel, and dispute resolution.

But while the user experience is of vital importance, the main issue is actually something different. With Boardwalk, the dev team is building the infrastructure of the entire ecosystem, for every conceivable use case. Future devs will be interacting with it, and building on top of it. That means the development has to be extremely organized, audited, and documented. This is the foundation...

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