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Swarm City Dev Update Feb 5, 2018

Swarm City Dev Update Feb 5, 2018

Swarm City Dev is hard at work on bringing Boardwalk V2 from idea to fruition. As mentioned in past updates, to get there Dev needed to rebuild everything from scratch. Even functionalities included in the Terminal release; for example sending SWT, the shortcode, and creating a profile, are being overhauled. Also, one of the main challenges revealed with the release of Boardwalk V1 was how the app managed interactions with Ethereum. It became clear this required some rethinking as well.

Boardwalk V1 acted as a direct conduit to the Ethereum blockchain, and what Dev found was this was a cumbersome setup. The frank assessment is the Ethereum platform is so new that tools for managing interactions between a more humanistic front end app and the Ethereum machine do not yet exist. How this manifested to the end user was slow response times, and even dropped or stuck transactions. To solve these issues, Dev created a buffer layer to exist between the V2 front end and the blockchain. This layer is the Swarm CIty API.

Swarm City API

In a nutshell, the Swarm City API is a service layer that lives between the app’s front end (where user interactions occur) and the Ethereum blockchain. To simplify things, it helps to think about what is actually going on from the user perspective. Users engage with the Swarm City app because they want something; for instance they want a good or service, and they create a deal in order to get it. That action, “create deal”, is registered on the Ethereum blockchain. So in fact, what the user is doing is interacting with the blockchain by way of the Swarm City interface. The API is the bridge between a user that “wants” things, and the Ethereum network. The API listens to the user and interacts with the blockchain in order to give the user what they want.

Boardwalk V1 connected directly to the blockchain, and as mentioned above, one issue with that approach is it makes inter...

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