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Swarm City Labs: Sep/Oct 2017 Overview

# Introduction Swarm City Dev is creating a production ready Swarm City app. However, there are industry-wide hurdles all Ethereum projects are looking to overcome, for example, all dApps need “gas” in order to run. That means all projects need a convenient way to convert their native token to Ether for gas. Defining these hurdles and applying resources to them occurs within our “Labs” development team. In the interest of collaborating with the greater ecosystem, we will periodically post what we’re working on in Reddit, categorized as “Labs”. SC Labs is quite open to feedback and support for achieving these goals. Please feel free to post comments, suggestions, and questions by clicking on the Reddit link of the topic you’re interested in. ## In the coming 8 weeks we’d like to achieve these 3 goals: **GOAL 1** : Convert the current whisper implementation to WhisperV5. [Goal Link](https://www.reddit.com/r/SwarmCity/comments/71b0fl/sc_labs_sepoct_2017_goal_1_whisper/) **GOAL 2** : Create a ‘gas-station’ to overcome the ether/transaction chicken-and-egg situation. [Goal Link](https://www.reddit.com/r/SwarmCity/comments/71b33a/sc_labs_sepoct_2017_goal_2_gas_station/) **GOAL 3** : Finalize and setup the IPFS consortium. [Goal Link](https://www.reddit.com/r/SwarmCity/comments/71b58d/sc_labs_sepoct_2017_goal_3_ipfs_consortium/) If you’d like to help beyond commenting in Reddit, please visit our Github here: https://github.com/swarmcity , or join us in Slack here: https://slackinvite.swarm.city/ (ask for @sponnet or @kingflurkel)
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