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Dev Progress Review: The Path Towards Boardwalk 2.0

Dev Progress Review: The Path Towards Boardwalk 2.0 Soon the Swarm City dev team will update the existing dapp with a new 2.0 version. With this post, I want to share what we have been doing for the last months, and what the results are. This post might be somewhat technical as it is about the dev progress. Swarm City Github

In June 2017, we launched the first version of Boardwalk. With it, we proved to ourselves it’s possible to create a fully decentralized app running on Ethereum. It was the first step towards realizing our vision:

Humans transact, create and share value without a middleman or third party, on a global scale.

With this first version, we inspired developers from all over the world (Will from China and Xardas from Belgium to name a few) to start working on the production version of Boardwalk. We believe in “fail fast” and don’t shy away from starting from scratch when we feel it’s necessary. While the dapp was a great Proof of Concept we needed a more solid foundation for Swarm City.

Starting last summer, our dev team first planned out the architecture in detail, the interface was fully sketched out and the infrastructure was documented (check this github wiki). We waited to start coding, so we could fully focus on discussing exactly how we would build Boardwalk 2.0. Daily meetings on fixed times helped mitigate timezones and fuzzy communication.

With Boardwalk 1.0 we found out it’s currently quite impossible to create a decentralized web based app that runs as smooth as apps people use today. After a thorough analysis, we found out the problem lies primarily with the constant polling for data from the front end to the blockchain. This is what made our prototype slow and unreliable. So we came together in Switzerland and created a new abstraction layer in Swarm City: the API layer. It consists of several Docker containers that, by working together, provide a fast and reliable data API for our front end. Remembe...

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