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Daily Dev Update Compilation 2/26/18–3/2/18

Daily Dev Update Compilation 2/26/18–3/2/18

Each weekday the Production Dev team meets to talk about their accomplishments, challenges, and goals. Afterwards, a summary of that meeting is written up and shared. This is a compilation of all the summaries from the past week.


Resumé of the daily:

Will has made great progress with the avatar, still one issue there to tackle, about restoring from a backup. All the rest is merged and ready for Edu to deploy. Will is very happy with the cleaned up code. Belgian waffles almost earned :-) Faffy can start playing with displaying the amount of SWT in a wallet, Will made it come in in more digits than 2 (1,123456…. SWT).

Edu has been looking into Orbit, as it has a decentralised chat, something that, of course, matches beautifully with our vision and project. But we need to make sure it is stable enough to use in production. Will will organise a call with the people from Orbit. Our second best choice would be Redis, third Gun.db. We will choose the direction after that call. Faffy is into the dealsection, Xardas is preparing some dummy data from backend for him, so he can play around with design and animations. We will ask Faffy to provide a well documented wiki, because we kind of slacked a little on keeping a wiki up to date. We all agree that it is a very useful blueprint we need when building. Apart from that, the list of issues is back to 1 page on github, so we are knocking them down and continuing to do so.



Daily update of the daily: Edu deployed the following contracts:

HASHTAGPROXY: this contract will create events every time a new hashtag is deployed. It will give info to the API to fill in the hashtaglist. Look at the contract here https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/tx/0x770353499ae01836d45115e2c66e5e33683f0427bfcf6795fba3ca1691c818c6

HASHTAG SIMPLE DEAL: this contract is the actual hashtag, every new hashtag will have this con...

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