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Daily Dev Update Compilation 2/19/18–2/23/18

Daily Dev Update Compilation 2/19/18–2/23/18

Each weekday the Production Dev team meets to talk about their accomplishments, challenges, and goals. Afterwards, Kiki Pluche writes up a summary of that meeting. This is a compilation of all the summaries from the past week.


Ok, Happy to see almost everyone in the daily again

What we discussed:

We will further develop on testnet, not holding back on the scaling NOW solutions that are being worked on by the different teams (Giveth, Swarm city, ea…), the Scaling now congress is 6–7 March, so let’s see what comes from that, but for now, we go further on the way we planned.

Edu explained the progress of the IPFS consortium, it holds some solutions that are useful for swarm city, but misses some others, such as an index. The IPFS consortium needs to move to Rinkeby as well. Edu is working on that, as is Sponnet.

We’ll asking flurkel to join in the daily tomorrow, to see if we can get all requirements about encryption regarding the needs of data being transferred with the IPFS consortium solution. At this point we are looking at the shortcode solution will is building on. Is the same level of security guaranteed in the IPFS consortium, if so, do we use that solution right away? Questions to be discussed with Flurkel tomorrow. Needs to get resolved within 1 week.

Edu will focus on testing as well, on the load on the server, Will can make a script to fire a hell of a lot of transactions to see what stress it can take.

Will is gonna work on the transaction history coming in, make subscription to the API to get the data, push into Redux to get displayed in the front-end. Same goes for the transaction status.

Front-end: Xardas will further work on issues.



OK people, thanks for the great attendance :-)

So here is a resume of the daily:

Flurkel attended to make decide on the way we can store data. Yesterd...

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