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having trouble extracting dash from supernet lite wallet

I decided to finally upgrade to Dash Core and get the dash out of my supernet wallet that I've been using for a little less than a year (like the convenience, don't like the transaction times). After getting everything set up with the desktop Dash wallet, I created an address and tried sending over my dash about 14 hours ago. The UI was telling me (and my records agree) that my dash totaled 6.835. Perhaps I'm just a bit antsy, but it seems that the transaction should have gone through by now. I checked out the dash address generated by the supernet wallet and I'm confused by what I see: The first two transactions adding dash to the wallet were from me, but I never emptied 1.55 dash on 2/7. Can anyone tell me what's going on? I've waited a long time for bitcoin payments originating from this wallet to go through, so this doesn't seem that unusual. But it's not really fun not being able to access your money. Kinda why I decided to switch wallets in the first place. EDIT: @vanbreuk of the SuperNET slack channel has graciously helped me resolve this issue. A+ for support.
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