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A few technical questions about substratumHOST

I'm very much interested in both investing and using Substratum myself, I have a few questions however: Does a developer have a choice of web server back-end (nginx/apache/your own), php vs hhvm vs python vs ruby? How does this work as it's not clear from currently available materials? If there is support for php or other scripting languages, who determines what version of php is used, as it's critically important to know for the developer, and it has to match across all nodes. I see from the latest video that there is database support, how much of a choice is available there? Is there any console access available? Since the host node may be running on any OS, I don't see how, but also even more curious about my previous questions. Is there Let's Encrypt support for SSL certs out of the box? And who manages SSL cipher support and other settings? Having this available is important for developers and system administrators because it let's the developers choose the appropriate level of old browser support vs cipher security for their particular application. I'm at the end of a long shift so words are hard, hope all this makes sense. Hoping for a good technical discussion with the developers of Substratum and web developers like me here. Edit: grammar.
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