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The Data Union framework is going live! How you can help spread the word!

​ Next week, the Streamr [Data Union]( framework is moving out of beta. This means it is ready to market to prospective builders and integrators who may be interested in creating Data Unions to crowdsell real-time data. There will be a number of marketing activities taking place over the next few weeks, including PR outreach, paid ads, events, design upgrades, hackathons, online demonstrations and tutorials, enterprise outreach, organic content and much more ― keep an eye out for these from Monday! So how can you help get the word out? There are three main audiences we’re targeting for Data Unions: **1. Independent app owners/dev teams** * Small-sized or in development app owners looking for novel opportunities to grow users or innovate. * Small to medium-sized app owner interested in data management or ethics. * Business owners with an idea or need that involves collecting user data sets. **2. Independent developers** * Freelance or consultant developers interested in new tech or tech for good. * Developers looking for new opportunities to earn money. * Graduate developers looking to experiment and explore with new tech. * Web3 developers interested in all things decentralisation. **3. Entrepreneurs/tech enthusiasts** * Data/privacy advocates looking for tech for good projects. * Tech-savvy but non-dev researchers or entrepreneurs interested in exploring Data Unions to collect unique data sets. * Web3 or tech enthusiasts looking for new projects to engage with. Do you know people who fall into these audiences? You can spread the word by sharing content about Data Unions, including the brand new [Data Union website page]( Here are a few key resources to share: * DU explainer vid: ...
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