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News: the Streamr Data Unions framework is live in public beta. App developers can now build a way for users to crowdsell and monetise the real-time data they create.

# News: the Data Union public beta is now live As of today, you can create and deploy a Data Union using the tooling available in [Streamr Core]( The Data Union framework, now released in public beta, is an implementation of data [crowdselling]( By integrating into the framework, app developers can empower their users to monetise the real-time data they create. Data from participating users is sent to a stream on the [Streamr Network](, and access to the pooled data is sold as a product on the [Streamr Marketplace]( Any revenue from the data product is automatically shared among the Data Union members and distributed as DATA tokens. Streamr launched the Data Union framework into private beta in October last year, with the [Swash app]( at Mozfest in London. Swash is the world’s first Data Union, a browser extension that allows individual users to monetise their browsing habits. With this public beta launch, we hope to spark the development of even more Data Unions. ## What’s new in the public beta release? If you’ve used Streamr Core before, you might already be familiar with creating products on the Marketplace. With the introduction of the Data Union framework, the ‘Create a Product’ flow now presents two options: create a regular Data Product, or create a Data Union. ​ Data Unions are quite similar to a regular data product — they have a name, description, a set of streams that belong to the product, and so on. However, there is one important difference; the beneficiary address that receives the to...
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