Ferrari's New NFT Campaign Might Benefit You!


Ferrari's new NFT hit the market and their campaign involves a huge chunk of 1000 NFTs available for the first 1000 people to claim them. Each person only gets one to make it fair, and the NFTs are expected to be priced extremely high, as it should for a Ferrari NFT. I claimed mine on and the process is pretty fast and free of errors. I will post the link to the original website of the NFT in the comments shortly.

The website looks neat and as expected for Ferrari, which is my favourite car brand if you haven't noticed, the background is a video clip playing over and over again, where you can see various sketches of the NFTs that have dropped and the best thing is, they are all handmade as depicted in the background clip.

Some youtubers who focus their channel around crypto and more specifically NFTs have started mentioning this campaign as well, almost all of them raising the bar of expectations in terms of price value.

It is no surprise though that Ferrari also started off their NFT path, seeing all these other rivaling sports car brands doing the same and gathering more attention and fans and building status.