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New dev-meeting summary available

October 11th, 2017 Meeting Summary Main topics: Pull requests Reputation system Low GB nodes Detailed meeting logs Pull requests Reputation system Comments Concerns around errors given in callbacks for ALLOC messages reducing reputation Rejections because the same shard is being asked to be stored Rejections because 1 of 256 buckets are full Many pending downloads/uploads spaceAvailable: true should be used for indication that ALLOC messages are not desired Needs to be better resource management in storjshare in general Duplicate shards could be handled idempotently Reputation should be a reflection of health of a node, if overloaded it can alleviate pressure on requests Could be possible to calculate kfs size without performance issues, could be lead to too many open files Low GB nodes Comments Concerns around issues with low GB nodes and base payouts Currently issues with nodes going online every second day Reputation system will reduce reputation when nodes go offline Can be possible to make minimum requirement for payout with hundreds of nodes on one server Farmers targeting base payouts are not contributing to the network in any good way Getting close to fair shard distribution Solution could be to remove the base payout Participants braydonf felixbrucker grolag kaloyan.raev knowledge littleskunk observer stefanbenten
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