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Why Stellar will dominate the 80$ trillion dollar CBDC market

​ There are several reasons I believe Stellar is the network that ends up ruling the 80$ trillion CBDC market . >According to the *CIA*, the total amount is $80 *trillion* if you include "broad money." []( ​ >“CBDCs was exactly the type of digital money Stellar was designed for,” said Stellar CEO Denelle Dixon, at a recent blockchain conference. []( ​ **Issuer Enforced Finality** []( Do not underestimate this one, basically central banks don't want to end up in a classic ethereum, and ethereum, or a bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, ... kind of situation. Central banks think it's super uncool to have to deal with USD Gold, USD Cash, and so forth. So we can likely exclude all DLT's that don't have the possibility of **issuer enforced finality.** A large win for Stellar ​ **Interoperability** Stellar makes it very easy to create, send and trade digital representations of all forms of money and convert between them on a single network, this will eventually be the way to convert money and all kinds of assets currency, stocks, gold, and so forth. ​ **Public and non-profit** If you think Central Banks are going to issue their CBDC's where the foundation taking care of the network is for profit, think again. Here again Stellar aim for the stars and hits. I'd count many of the for profit initiatives as unlikely to get any CBCD's released on them >'Stellar has no owner; if anything it’s owned by the public. The software runs...
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