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Why Stellar?

I'm not the author of the text but it's great for reading for everyone who wan't to know more about Stellar. Every now and then, I see some people asking, *”What’s up with XLM?”* So I have written this for educational purposes. Did you know the **MOST RECENT NEWS** just published a few hours ago about Stellar? An EU company just launched a [€20 MILLION BOND]( on Stellar. Compared to other projects, Stellar is getting adopted by banks, financial institutions, and top-tier companies. Second, if you try Stellar, you’ll be amazed just how fast and quick XLM gets to your wallet. More or less than 2 seconds. It is no doubt why on [Coinstats,]( Stellar is the number 1 when it comes to transaction volumes. For the sake of simplicity, it means Stellar blockchain is being used more than any other chains. Ukraine choosing Stellar to test and create their CBDC is also one of the greatest achievements of Stellar. USDC will also come to Stellar on February 2021. What does it mean for users? Well, no more cursing the damn USDC fees because of HIGH ETH GAS FEES. You can exchange your crypto to USDC easily on Stellar and send it for a fraction of a cent at an ultra-speed. Furthermore, it is no doubt that Stellar is the main player in cross-border payments, remittances, CBDC, and asset tokenization. But wait that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Stellar also has a native DEX, and they are working on turing smart contract. There is already a Stellar Smart Contract but with turing it will be better. You will also find Stablecoins on Stellar not found on any other blockchain e.g. **Philippine Peso, Nigerian Naira, Chinese Yuan, Mexican Peso, Euro, Brazilian Real, and Argentine Peso.** And guess what? They are 100% backed 1:1, because you can’t issue Stablecoins on stellar if you are not regulated or licensed. That’s also the reason why one ...
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