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What do Christiano Ronaldo, Tesla, the housing market in Bangladesh, the Mona Lisa and the winner of the next world cup have in common? Fragmynt allows you to speculate on all of them using infrastructure built on Stellar.

Hi, this James here from I just wanted to share what myself and my cofounder Ojas have built and hear your guys feedback. **Who are we?** Fragmynt is built on top of Stellar and uses collateralized derivatives with layer 1 liquidity pools to create an entirely Decentralized, Global Synthetic Market that is permanently, irrevocably accessible to anyone with an internet connected device. Stellar has allowed us to bring the goals of many DeFi projects such as Synthetix, Uma, Mirror, BitClout, Polymarket, Augur etc. under one roof with one architecture. **How does it work?** Through the use of liquidity pools we allow anyone to create a market on any stock, commodity, person, event, asset, object, or anything else you can imagine, whether it has a spot market or not. The markets allow two types of participants, collateral providers (CPs) and traders. CPs can create a synthetic market on anything by deciding on an entity (e.g. Christiano Ronaldo) and providing collateral to create the liquidity pool. Tokens representing the entity are automatically generated on the other side of the pool. Other CPs can then also choose to join the synthetic market by providing more collateral. CPs earn 0.3% of every trade on the pool for providing a market to traders. Traders can then go long or short on the entity the liquidity pool represents in the usual fashion, playing against the rest of the market. Natural incentives encourage liquidity providers to provide collateral to the most popular pools with traders, which in turn attracts traders due to more favourable market conditions (e.g. lower sensitivity to individual trades, more accurate pricing) **Why do we exist?** We were inspired by the vision of stellar to allow currency to flow unhindered by nuisance bureaucracy. Our goal is to expand their vision to the world's financial system as a whole. The world's current financial system is disjointed due to regulatory collision between states, nuisance bureaucr...
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