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Wallet Question

Hello guys and gals. I have become a fan of Stellar Lumens since learning about them a month ago(not sure how a top 10 project stayed under my radar for so long). I am pretty interested in this new StellarX exchange, receiving my inflation, and the whole anchor system. So, I wanted to download a desktop wallet so that I can look around and see more in depth into how Stellar works(I usually stay away from individual wallets since I am not that tech savvy). I have my few coins on Ledger Nano now. I have been trying to get the Foxlet(is this the official or best wallet?) desktop wallet up and running, but have run into a hitch. I think is may have something to do with Avast or maybe my firewall blocking something. Or maybe something else. I could research for hours and still not figure out what someone can probably answer in 5 minutes. I get to the screen after I encrypt my wallet. I have already entered my password and it is excepted. It gives me the option to look at my password again. And a chance to write down my secret key(I do). I clicked on "Yes I saved my secret key" and it does nothing. It doesn't send me to another page or appear to do anything. I have tried the whole process probably 10 times and even re-downloaded to wallet to no avail. Any ideas? Once I get my wallet running do I have to leave it open and running at all times to receive the inflation? The last wallet I downloaded was this way(PIVX) and it was a nightmare. Every time my computer would restart after an update I had to resynch the wallet, which rarely worked. Thankfully I only ended up losing 1 PIVX after all the trouble. The unfriendliness of the wallet pretty much ended up driving me away from them. I figure I am a good test case for how easy a user experience is. If I(probably average computer intelligence) get frustrated and can't figure a wallet out, there is no way regular Joes will ever use it. My amount of inflation will be in no way worth the effort all of thi...
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