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Tutorial: How to send Stellar tokens to your Ledger

NiceTrade recently added support for Ledger, which means you can now easily trade and swap tokens directly on your Ledger device, with any account stored there. This tutorial shows you how to send Stellar tokens from a wallet app like Lobstr or Freighter to your Ledger hardware wallet for safekeeping. It uses NiceTrade’s Stellar account manager.

First, unlock your Ledger device and open the Stellar app. Connect your Ledger device to your laptop or desktop.

Next, go to NiceTrade and click the Connect Wallet button. Then select the Ledger option. Select an account if needed (if you’re not using the default) and click Login.

Next, click on the Wallet tab and that will bring you to the balance page for your Ledger account.

If you account is unfunded and you want to send a custom token, you must activate the account first by sending at least 2XLM (for minimum balance and one trustline) to your account. Click the Receive button to show the QR code and use your wallet app to send to this address. Click the “check again” link until it shows a balance.

Before a Stellar account can receive a custom token (not XLM), it must first trust it. To do this in NiceTrade, click the Add Token button.

Select your token from the Popup, or input it manually by clicking on the Custom link.

After selecting the token, use your Ledger device to approve this transaction to trust the token.

Once this transaction is approved and submitted, you will then be able to send custom tokens to your account. Click the Receive button to bring up the QR code (Stellar address) for your account, and send to this address.

As with anything blockchain related, test it first with a small transaction before sending large amounts.

NiceTrade is a non-custodial decentralized exchange and account manager for Stellar. Follow us on Twitter or Telegram

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