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Try our new analytics dataset!

We’re excited to announce that the Stellar Development Foundation is releasing a daily-updated analytics dataset to enable fast analysis of the entire history of Stellar network transactions. Stellar is an open financial network, and this dataset makes it easier than ever to uphold our values of transparency and openness.

What’s the Data?

The data we’re exposing summarizes the state of the Stellar ledger, as well as the full history of transactions on the network. Horizon typically stores this information in a Postgres database. We’ve put this dataset on Google BigQuery, which has made large-scale queries 10 to 100 times faster! Note that each table is updated daily, around 7 AM PST, through an in-house data pipeline.

accounts: Contains all accounts’ current state (well, as of 7 AM Pacific ;)). history_accounts: Maps each account ID to a Stellar address. Most useful with trades, which refers to accounts using these IDs. history_assets: Maps each asset ID to a Stellar asset. Most useful with trades, which also refers to assets using these IDs. history_ledgers: Contains all ledgers. history_operations: Contains all operations.  history_transactions: Contains all transactions. offers: Contains all offers. trust_lines: Contains all current trustlines. enriched_history_operations: the history operations table, but on steroids. Includes the state of each operation; joined with its transaction; and joined again with its ledger (which contains the closing time). Super useful for any operation-level question! Where’s the Data?

Note: while SDF is hosting the dataset and paying hosting costs, we will not cover queries by external users. Fortunately, individual queries are quite cheap — typically, just a few cents! Plus, Google offers a generous amount of trial credits for new Google Cloud users. Here are instructions for setting up a free trial. After that, make sure to set up a project, or you won't be able to query any data.

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