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The bad things about Ternio's BlockCard.

So far BlockCard has been working fine, there are 2 bad things about it though: ​ 1. The forced conversion to TERN. Would be better by far if you could store the native currency you deposited and it convert as needed on the fly so you can still benefit from the ups and down of coin values. This makes it so you end up load loading small amounts as needed versus maintaining a decent balance to spend. You can also only withdraw TERN, not BTC or any other coins regardless of the coin deposited. 2. Only one coin deposit address per coin. For privacy/security a new address should be issued either after each deposit or have a button to make a new one. I have contacted support about this and they didn't seem to think it was something worth fixing. (Originally posted in Tern's subreddit but the mods deleted it, can't handle a little constructive criticism I guess.)
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Strategic Update to Smartlands Business Model

In a blog post on Jan 14, in which we discussed some of the changes Smartlands is going to go through in 2020, we gave you the updated roadmap for strategic development of the Smartlands +Smartee ecos...
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Vodafone snubs libra for m-pesa

Vodafone has withdrawn from Facebook’s digital currency initiative Libra, as regulators and bureaucrats circle overhead.