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TA Update 11 OCT 17

Hey guys The last two days have been interesting. I stated that anything could happen especially with the fork coming up and whad-ya-know, a mass sell off happened dropping all altcoins - Stellar included (i did hear Bittrex was the cause though). Seems to be on the road to recovery. So as of right now we are constantly hitting the support line of around 380 sats. Should this fail to hold we will most likely see a low of around 340 sats. The latest resistance is the 420 sats line (50% fib retrace of the high) which IMO we need to break through in order to be considered bullish again. I still believe the next high will be towards the 750 sat range whenever that happens! (unless some awesome announcement come out, then we will probably smash right through it) The 4 red arrows towards the bottom of the image point out selling and buying pressure. One thing to note is that the sell volume and length on the MACD is decreasing whilst the buy volume and length is increasing. Im still optimistic about Stellar and can see us going upwards in due time. Patience is key. Have a good night everyone.
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