Stellar vault

self.Stellar1m ago
Recently broke my phone. Got a new one. Tried logging into my vault with passcode, did not work. Attempted recovery account put in seed phase instead of opening original vault it generated an additional vault acct. not my original. Went to settings on lobstr wallet (which I do like) to disconnect multi sig. however it needed to be signed threw VAULT which I can not access. I’v tried back ups, mirroring old phone to access old phone you name it can’t get in. I can’t do anything because of vault being locked. Stellar and zendesk have lousy customer service. Nobody has contacted me threw any portal and I’ve tried them all. My crypto is locked in jail unless i can disconnect multi sig. People break phones get new ones and yes loose seed phase ( I do have mine, still did not work) there has to be another way to get into vault without this much hassle. If anyone can help me I would appreciate. Getting no where with lobstr vault or zendesk. Thank you