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Stellar: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

**The Good:** This webpage demonstrates Stellar's best quality: []( All the code that you need to **Send a Payment** is right there. Believe it or not, such a page does not exist for Ripple, Cardano, or Dogecoin, I could not find a single javascript example which shows how to send a payment with those three coins. The code provided by Stellar worked perfectly. Also, Stellar has the lowest transaction fees, and the fastest transaction speeds. ***A side-joke:*** Gene Simmons said the main reason he bought Cardano is because Cardano's per-coin price is less than the per-coin price of Bitcoin. It appears he is unaware that you can buy a fraction of any coin. **The Bad:** I could not find any productive usage of Stellar's **Decentralized Exchange** feature. Why would an issuer post a bid or ask price that is better than the price offered by Coinbase and Kraken? The "no transaction fee" promise is negated by the exorbitant costs that the issuers charge to make a withdrawal. **The Ugly:** Some of the issuer policies I have encountered become very close to just being scams. On StellarX. is offering to pay 5.39 XLM for an XRP token. That is more than twice the exchange rate offered by every other issuer. Unfortunately,'s hidden policies show that it is **too good to be true**: 1. They charge a **KYC Fee** of 20 XRP ($17.40). I have never seen any other exchange charge a **KYC Fee**, and since when is KYC "decentralized"? 2. Their withdrawal fee is 1% + 10 XRP ($8.70). This far exceeds the transaction fee that is required to move XRP on the network. 3. **Here is the real kicker:** requires an email to withdraw coins from their exchange, How is that "decentralized"? They didn't reply to three emails I sent to them. Therefore, it appears it is very difficult (if not impossible) to mak...
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