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Stellar published misleading information out of negligence that resulted in thousands of people not receiving their airdropped XLM.

This is a reminder that Stellar published information before the airdrop that BTC held on Polo would participate and receive XLM. They did not contact Polo to verify this, and Polo chose not to participate. This negligence led thousands of people to transfer their funds to Polo instead of registering for the airdrop normally, and those people were harmed by Stellars negligence when they were left out of the airdrop. Furthermore, those people (myself included) had to pull their BTC out of loans to "participate", costing them that revenue over and above the lost XLM. Since Stellar keeps any unclaimed airdrop funds, this negligence directly benefitted them and points to it being intentional. Stellar tried to push the blame on to Polo, and "extended" the date for exchanges to claim the airdrop XLM to the end of the year. This tactic was not done to make those harmed whole, but to kick the can down the road so everyone would forget. The purpose of this post is to ensure that does not happen. Once the deadline passes, Stellar will be liable and I encourage everyone to file suit against them. Small claims court is easy. As the deadline approaches I will post a step by step just how easy it is to sue them. Unless of course Stellar does the right thing and solves this themselves. Doubtful.
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