Stellar needs to seriously revamp their explorer

1M Ago
[]( is their "main" explorer they display on []( but dam is that explorer really ugly compared to XRP's explorer: [XRPL Explorer | Ledgers]( This thing is a masterpiece compared to stellar's version Another thing, Im having trouble finding out how to interpret TPS and ledger speed. Is the current ledger speed under "Ledger" or "24 Hour Ledger". Is TPS related to transactions or operations? PLUS, it all is an unorganized mess, there are total statistics under the "24 Hour Ledger" section and latest transactions under the "Ledger" section. I may be nitpicky but how is Stellar touted to be used worldwide when Ethereum has a better explorer? I can find all the info I need on there and do so easily but not like on []( Other than their explorer, everything else is pretty good to me, I love the lobstr wallet. Anyone else agree?