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Stellar: Horizon v0.19.0 release and eToroX listing

This is not financial advice.

During the last two weeks, Stellar illustrated the average level of social activity. Firstly, Stellar released Horizon v0.19.0 and added an experimental endpoint that fetches signers for an account. It uses an all-new, modular ingestion system, which will allow for the quick development of new features for Stellar. Secondly, now Stellar is available on eToroX. It has added Stellar Lumens as a base currency on the eToroX Exchange. Blockchain technology has the means to include more people in a new financial world, who might have previously been excluded from it. Stellar shares this ethos and eToroX will add it to its Exchange and on-chain Wallet for people to buy, sell and hold, 24/7. More to follow! Social encounters

Stellar came onto the cryptocurrency scene back in mid-2014. Emerging from a rift within executives of the cross-border coin, Ripple, this new blockchain network and cryptocurrency seized a foothold in developing economies where remittance played a huge role. Since then, it’s expanded its reach, building partnerships around the globe, but what exactly is it?

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