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Stellar Dev Digest: Issue #9 - August 9, 2019

Application of the Week

This week’s featured application is TurboPlay’s Elixir Stellar SDK. Congratulations!

In developing a videogames marketplace with a rewarding loyalty system for players, TurboPlay has stitched together the work of a few previous contributors and gotten the Elixir SDK up, alive, rocking and rolling! There are actually quite a few really impressive Stellar SDK’s out there (cough cough rust), that unfortunately were never quite completed or fell out of sync. Thanks TurboPlay for bringing this one back to life!

They are looking for contributors. They do not yet have any open issues, but if you are interested in contributing and Elixir is your weapon of choice, open an issue or ping vamman on keybase.

Interested in promoting your own project, or another exciting project in the ecosystem? If so, please make a submission here.

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