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Stellar Community Fund #2 Megathread (Nomination Round)

Use this thread to talk about everything related to SCF #2 and share your proposals (please do not spam people with direct messages). Voting details are below! (New to /r/Stellar \-- [Check out this thread]( \--- Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal and provided project feedback over the past 3 months. [There were 38 proposals]( submitted for this round of the [Stellar Community Fund](— make sure to check them out. With the proposal phase complete, things are about to heat up! The nomination round for SCF#2 is now live. The nomination process is pretty simple, but please make sure to read the following carefully. # Voting: Voting will be held on []( Before voting, please take some time to read through the proposals carefully. **Proposal authors have put a lot of work into their projects, so do them a favor and spend some time reading what they’ve put out there**! Since nominations last a week, [feel free to visit GalacticTalk](, ask questions, and participate in proposal discussion before casting your votes. **Prerequisites:** You will need a [Keybase account]( to vote. ## To vote - 1. Click the ‘Sign In’ button on the top right of []( 2. Enter your Keybase username 3. You will receive a message from ‘[SCFBot](’. Click the confirmation link to complete the sign-in process. (You can verify that it’s the real ‘[scfbot](’ by checking the DNS proof) 4. Once you’re logged in, you can start to select your nominee picks. You must vote for 3, but can vote for up-to 8 proposals. (**Remember to read through proposals!*...
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