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|SCF#3| ~ Transactions over URL

[Open in GalacticTalk]( ## Summary is the next-gen solution for signing Stellar transactions from various applications without granting them control over your account. is user-friendly, open-source, vendor-neutral, community-designed, and production-ready. [Live Example](,%20World!&maxTime=+5&asset=GILS:gils* | \[[Read more...](\] ## Reddit Bonus If you're having trouble opening the PHOTON trustline, you can copy the link (right-click) and going to: `${link}` (In case it's not clear, replace `${link}` by your own link) It won't help those who want to sign it with their Keybase wallet - as the problem comes from Keybase itself - but it'll gives you access to more signing options (Ledger Wallet, Trezor, Stellar Authenticator, Lobstr, StellarTerm, Stellar Laboratory and copy/pasting XDR). Enjoy :) **Edit:** The above solution only works with StellarTerm & Lobstr. For other wallets you can use [this pen](
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