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Relax…Stellars gonna do her thing!

So many FUD posts in the space lately I wanted to throw some positivity out there. Everyone worrying about the price needs to step back for a second…. We’re still top 20 market cap (barely I know) but she’s been around a long time and still very very relevant in the space. Our price moves with bitcoin for the most part so seeing it rise and fall with it until bitcoin settles at a new high (or low) should be no surprise. We have very promising developments when it comes to adoption and guidance on the inevitable governance of crypto. Denelle has had seats at the table with high level decision makers to discuss crypto and is heavily guiding/supporting Ukraine’s rollout of a CBDC. My opinion is that stellar moves in the shadows and focuses on its roadmap….which it has 100% delivered on (not many companies can say that). It’s non profit so it avoids the marketing and instead focuses on its infrastructure growth, acquisitions, and investments to increase the core utility of the stellar network. Lastly I believe we are very young to crypto still and there will be plenty of pump and dumps. There will still be plenty of meme coins that capture headlines but when push comes to shove stellar has been in the trenches setting itself up to be a player in the game for a long time. Her price should continue to appreciate and if she’s still playing 5-10 years from now with the untapped trillions yet to still flow into the market….we good baby!
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