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r/Bitcoin's current top posts are about Starbucks to soon accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is expensive and slow for confirmations, we all know this. Stellar (XLM) is in a brilliant position to fill a gap like this. No needs to open 'lightning channels' for payments, just go and pay and have confirmation in 2 - 5 seconds. When will Stellar (XLM) be in a similar position and offer real world partnerships? OmiseGo (OMG) has a jv with McDonalds in Thailand Merchants need a system which is very user friendly, but l guess lots of behind the scenes work needs to be done.
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Short Clip of Jed and Adam at Money 20/20

Meet the co-founders of Interstellar sharing their vision on how assets of all kinds can be tokenized and transferred seamlessly over the internet. @JedMcCaleb @adamludwin @chain #money2020 pic.twitt...
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Omnitude to move ECOM token to the Stellar network

Stellar’s high scalability, fast transaction times and low fees are the perfect solution for Omnitude’s predicted large volume transactions and throughput. Stellar will be the framework for the ECOM…