Q RE: Stellar USDC (received on Stellar X) Show Up in Ledger Wallet?

self.Stellar1m ago
I'm working on moving assets off various exchanges to my Ledger wallet. I'm primarily using XLM to do this because of the obvious cheap (virtually non-existent) transaction cost. I'd like to then swap to USDC for a lot of the assets as a placeholder for a while. The USDC account in Ledger is on Ethereum (and not seeing anything in Ledger with respect to a Stellar USDC account), so I'm wondering if I swap XLM to USDC on Stellar X if the USDC will show up in my Stellar account on Ledger wallet or if I can only access/view the USDC while I'm logged into Stellar X until I swap back to XLM? Stellar X auto created a trustline for USDC, so that's in place, I'm just wondering if my USDC assets will be viewable on my Ledger Live once the transaction from XLM to USDC executes? Anyone have any insight?