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Protocol 18 Upgrade Guide - Developers Blog

For the past few months, there's been growing excitement about the Stellar Protocol 18 release, which enables the creation of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) on Stellar.  In previous blog posts, we explained how AMMs can help improve overall network liquidity, talked a bit about how they will work on Stellar, and examined how the ecosystem is collaborating to prepare for their arrival.  The goal of this blog post is a bit more nuts-and-bolts: it's to help you, dear business or developer building on Stellar, prepare for the upgrade. 

If you develop on Stellar, you need to install up-to-date versions of all Stellar-related software — including Stellar Core, Horizon, and any Stellar SDKs you use — in advance of the network upgrade.  If and when validators vote to accept Protocol 18, the upgrade takes effect immediately, and since all the new software is backwards compatible with the current protocol, the best course of action is to update sooner than later.  Doing so will ensure your Stellar integration keeps on ticking when the network levels up.   

Key dates October 4, 2021 — Stellar Core v18.0.1 release October 4, 2021 — Horizon v2.9.0rc1 release October 6, 2021, 1500 UTC — Testnet upgrade October 7, 2021 — Horizon v2.9.0 release November 3, 2021, 1500 UTC — Public network upgrade vote Protocol 18 Releases

We've gathered a list of software that requires updating below.  Please make sure to check release notes for specific instructions and relevant details to ensure you understand all relevant requirements.

Stellar infrastructure

Node operators need to install the latest version of Stellar Core and Horizon. For setup-specific details, see the sections below.

As we mentioned in a previous announcement, if you are installing Stellar infrastructure from Debian packages, please make sure you are running Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04.  SDF is committed to supporting all Ubuntu LTS releases in order to ensure that we stay in alignment w...

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