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Poloniex announces Stellar inflation rewards

Announcing Stellar inflation rewards for eligible Poloniex customers

In the coming weeks, eligible customers who hold a Stellar balance on Poloniex will be able to take advantage of Stellar inflation rewards. This is part of our broader efforts to allow customers to get more value out of their crypto assets.

The Stellar Network issues new Stellar Lumens at a rate of 1% per year to token holders who obtain 0.05% of network votes (1 Stellar Lumen = 1 vote). We will begin the process of voting for our hot wallet using our cold storage addresses shortly.

Once enabled, on a weekly basis we will automatically pass these rewards to eligible customers in proportion to the amount of Stellar Lumens they hold with Poloniex.

Stay tuned for more

Stellar Inflation rewards follow our recent announcement as one of the first exchanges to support Cosmos staking. These new initiatives will allow eligible customers who trade Cosmos Atoms and Stellar Lumens to more actively participate in crypto networks while earning rewards for doing so, all without losing the ability to trade.

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