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NEWS: Ultra Stellar announces WalletConnect support across all its products

Today we are very excited to open a new chapter and transform how Ultra Stellar products work together. Furthermore, we propose a standard way for any products built on Stellar to interact with each other.

LOBSTR is where Ultra Stellar started but over the years of building in crypto, our suite has expanded to also include StellarX & StellarTerm. The Stellar ecosystem has grown immensely too with more wallets, platforms, interfaces, and use-cases being created daily.

All of these products need to be able to integrate. Users enjoy using multiple wallets to allow them to trade on the DEX, buy NFTs, provide liquidity into AMM pools, visualize their portfolio, and much more. Those wallets can reside on their mobile phones, browser extensions, or hardware devices like Ledger.

The challenge for us was to allow users of LOBSTR, the most popular Stellar wallet, to seamlessly and securely interact with different products whilst also giving users of other mobile wallets a way to use StellarX & StellarTerm.

馃敆 About WalletConnect

WalletConnect has previously created a protocol for Ethereum, allowing wallets like MetaMask or TrustWallet to connect with other platforms in the Ethereum ecosystem. Currently, there are over a hundred different apps and wallets that can interact through the WalletConnect protocol.

WalletConnect acts as a secure bridge between your wallet and the app you are using in the browser. This technology allows you to simply scan a QR code with your wallet to establish the connection with the app.

With the success of this solution, the WalletConnect development team has created a brand new version in the form of WalletConnect 2.0. This new upgraded version of the WalletConnect protocol is chain agnostic, meaning that it is no longer limited to a single blockchain and can be adapted to function with multiple networks.

We are working with the WalletConnect team, as they make progress towards the rel...

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